The Kodiak Strategy

Kodiak believes that the best companies innovate with breakthrough enabling technologies or creative business models to establish new categories of products or even brand new markets. Our strongest belief is that talented capable teams are the difference between great and disappointing outcomes.

Kodiak has a three prong investment strategy (Life Technology, New Media and Internet, Traditional Technology) as it relates to market areas based on certain long term themes.

Life Technology is a fertile area for investment. At the intersection of technology and medicine-healthcare-energy, terrific innovation is occurring to improve people's quality of life, medical care and our ability to create independence from traditional energy sources (oil, electricity).

New Media and Internet businesses continue to create new markets, new applications, and new norms of use in our daily life. These developments push the boundaries for virtually every area of entertainment, advertising, information management, social networking and pushes new business models into the market at an astonishing rate.

Traditional technology is changing dramatically but still growing fast. There are massive forces at work. All types of technologies like semiconductors, software, networking, mobility and services are becoming commodities as developing nations embrace technology to advance their markets. Advances in technology are allowing for smaller, more intelligent, more consolidated communication platforms. The technology platforms for service providers, enterprises, homes, cars and for mobile devices are advancing in intelligence and driving toward common standards and applications. As a result trends like cloud computing, personal data storage, virtualization and wireless networking are growing fast.

Kodiak focused on building companies in Eastern North America, primarily in Boston, New York and Eastern Canada. The firm will incubate businesses within Kodiak, form companies or invest at the earliest stages of a company's formation. Initial investment range is from $100,000 up to $3,000,000.