Software & Services

Kodiak looks for software and services companies with sustainable advantages; a viable, scalable business models; and large and growing target markets or disruptive products or technologies addressing fast-growing, emerging markets. These entrepreneurs must understand that software and services companies need to address real customer problems with products and services that deliver a demonstrable return on investment.

Application Security, Inc Logo

Application Security was acquired by Trustwave in November 2013.

Trustwave was acquired by Singtel in September 2015. 

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Astadia Logo
Astadia was acquired by The Gores Group in September 2012.
Kodiak Partner: Andrey Zarur

GlassHouse Logo

GlassHouse dissolved in April 2014.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

HighRoads Logo

With more than 16 years of experience in the benefits market, HighRoads is the industry leader in plan management and health care compliance. Its patented SaaS-based technology streamlines dynamic data management, optimizes workflow across the enterprise and ensures regulatory compliance.

HighRoads has been empowering clients to manage the increased regulatory environment, keep health care and administrative costs down, and focus on the ever-changing health care landscape. The Company has shifted its strategy to focus on the Payer business and divested its employer business.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

IMlogic Logo
IMlogic was acquired by Symantec in January 2006.
Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

Newforma Logo

Newforma is a software company serving architecture, engineering, construction, and owner/operator (AECO) organizations worldwide. The company's mission is to develop and market industry-leading software solutions which significantly improve the productivity of the building project team by streamlining work processes, reducing exposure from errors and omissions, improving coordination and communication, increasing cost and quantity visibility, and enabling greater repeatability of project success. Newforma Project Center™, the flagship product, creates a more productive environment for Project Managers and the Project Team by organizing project information, facilitating information exchange, and enabling efficient project process. Newforma Project Center is currently implemented on multiple projects in industry-leading AECO firms.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

Qvidian Logo

Qvidian's on-demand software helps companies arm sales people with the knowledge, messages, and strategies they need to have intelligent, persuasive interactions with prospects. As a result, sales reps accelerate buying cycles, win more deals, and achieve quota, while marketing teams deliver more value to sales and have measurable impacts on revenue.

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

SpaceClaim Corporation Logo

SpaceClaim Corporation was acquired by ANSYS on April 30, 2014.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

Watchfire Logo
Watchfire was acquired by IBM in July 2007.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Weather Trends International Logo
Exited Weather Trends International in October 2009.
Kodiak Partner: Andrey Zarur