Semiconductors & Equipment

Kodiak looks for companies addressing the issues faced by end customers in the service provider, enterprise, and consumer markets they serve. We seek opportunities where a measurable system-level value can be captured in silicon equipment and systems. We partner with entrepreneurs to accelerate those solutions to the market.

AuroraNetics, Inc Logo
AuroraNetics was acquired by Cisco in 2001.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Cortina Systems Logo

Cortina Systems was acquired by Inphi in October 2014. 

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Egenera Logo

Egenera® systems are highly available, flexible platforms that eliminate the need to dedicate servers to applications. Instead, a data center virtualization architecture, which replaces physical components with software, can automatically repurpose and reallocate servers on demand. Virtualization means that servers can be easily shared, enabling enterprises to slash server count and reduce data center complexity by up to 80 percent.

The Egenera Processing Area Network (PAN) architecture enables data center virtualization. The PAN combines diskless, stateless blade servers with a high-speed switch fabric and unique virtualization software that can dynamically allocate servers to applications as needed.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

Raza Logo
RMI Corporation is now part of NetLogic Microsystems.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Symwave Logo
Symwave was acquired by SMSC in November 2010.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Vette Logo
Vette was acquired by Heico in April 2012.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux