Communications & Wireless

Kodiak looks for companies that are taking advantage of disruptive changes and resulting opportunities by addressing the rapidly-accelerating convergence of computing, telecommunications, and wireless technologies and markets.

Airwide Solutions Logo
Airwide Solutions was acquired by Maviner Systems in May 2011.
Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

Azimuth Logo

Azimuth Systems was acquired by Anritsu Corporation in September 2016.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

BTI Systems Logo

BTI Systems was acquired by Juniper Network in April 2016.

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Enfora Logo
Enfora was acquired by Novatel Wireless in November 2010.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Extreme Packet Devices Logo
Extreme Packet Devices was acquired by PMC-Sierra in 2000.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Groove Mobile Logo
Groove Mobile was acquired by LiveWire Mobile, wholly-owned subsidiary of NMS Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NMSS), in March 2008.
Kodiak Partner:

Wireless China Logo
Exited Wireless China in August 2013.
Kodiak Partner: Chip Meakem