Airwide Solutions Logo
Airwide Solutions was acquired by Maviner Systems in May 2011.
Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

ALIS was acquired by Carl Zeiss SMT in July 2006.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Allegro Diagnostics, Inc Logo

Allegro Diagnostics was acquired by Veracyte in September 2014.

Kodiak Partner: Andrey Zarur

Application Security, Inc Logo

Application Security was acquired by Trustwave in November 2013.

Trustwave was acquired by Singtel in September 2015. 

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

AppNexus Logo

AppNexus is an enterprise level computing cloud focused on comprehensive, self-service, virtualized hosting on demand. The Company provides the servers and tools needed to build a highly available virtual datacenter. AppNexus products are deployed and scaled at will, via command-line tools. Founded by the core technology team of RightMedia, AppNexus provides a highly scalable, cost-effective, self-service cloud computing platform. AppNexus is leveraging this platform to create a new communication and delivery platform for the Web advertising ecosystem.

Kodiak Partner: Chip Meakem

Astadia Logo
Astadia was acquired by The Gores Group in September 2012.
Kodiak Partner: Andrey Zarur

AuroraNetics, Inc Logo
AuroraNetics was acquired by Cisco in 2001.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Azimuth Logo

Azimuth Systems was acquired by Anritsu Corporation in September 2016.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

BTI Systems Logo

BTI Systems was acquired by Juniper Network in April 2016.

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

ChannelAdvisor Corporation Logo

IPO - May 2013

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

Cortina Systems Logo

Cortina Systems was acquired by Inphi in October 2014. 

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Egenera Logo

Egenera® systems are highly available, flexible platforms that eliminate the need to dedicate servers to applications. Instead, a data center virtualization architecture, which replaces physical components with software, can automatically repurpose and reallocate servers on demand. Virtualization means that servers can be easily shared, enabling enterprises to slash server count and reduce data center complexity by up to 80 percent.

The Egenera Processing Area Network (PAN) architecture enables data center virtualization. The PAN combines diskless, stateless blade servers with a high-speed switch fabric and unique virtualization software that can dynamically allocate servers to applications as needed.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

Emergent Payments Logo

Emergent Payments is the world's first combined digital commerce and advertising platform. With an advanced microtransaction and virtual economy engine, global payment gateways, worldwide ad network and video incentive advertising platform, Emergent Payments helps online entertainment companies drive maximize revenue from their content, and connects advertisers to a network of over 48 million users.

Kodiak Partner: Chip Meakem

Enfora Logo
Enfora was acquired by Novatel Wireless in November 2010.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Extreme Packet Devices Logo
Extreme Packet Devices was acquired by PMC-Sierra in 2000.
Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Fluxion Biosciences Logo

Fluxion Biosciences develops high-throughput cell biology platforms that address critical bottlenecks in the discovery and development of new treatments for cancer, heart disease, immune disorders, and other major illnesses. Fluxion's breakthrough microfluidics technology utilizes the precision and scalability of silicon wafer fabrication to produce systems with a level of throughput and cost-effectiveness unattainable with conventional research approaches.

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

GlassHouse Logo

GlassHouse dissolved in April 2014.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

GreenLight Biosciences Logo

GreenLight Biosciences is a biotechnology company focused on sustainable production of chemicals and fuels using its Unconstrained MetabolismTM technology platform. This revolutionary technology enables the biological conversion of economical, renewable substrates to valuable products with unprecedented flexibility and control. GreenLight is able to deliver an attractive solution for production of chemicals and fuels from renewable resources, eliminating the need for petroleum feedstock or expensive natural precursors.

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux

Groove Mobile Logo
Groove Mobile was acquired by LiveWire Mobile, wholly-owned subsidiary of NMS Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NMSS), in March 2008.
Kodiak Partner:

HighRoads Logo

With more than 16 years of experience in the benefits market, HighRoads is the industry leader in plan management and health care compliance. Its patented SaaS-based technology streamlines dynamic data management, optimizes workflow across the enterprise and ensures regulatory compliance.

HighRoads has been empowering clients to manage the increased regulatory environment, keep health care and administrative costs down, and focus on the ever-changing health care landscape. The Company has shifted its strategy to focus on the Payer business and divested its employer business.

Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe Logo

Exited iAmplify in December 2012.

Kodiak Partner: Chip Meakem

Ideeli Logo

ideeli was acquired by Groupon on January 13, 2014

Kodiak Partner: Chip Meakem

IMlogic Logo
IMlogic was acquired by Symantec in January 2006.
Kodiak Partner: Lou Volpe

Lumicell Logo

Lumicell is developing a device that will enable surgeons to check the tumor site immediately following surgery for remaining cancer cells after removing the tumor. The technology consists of a proprietary detector and initially a commercial available molecule marker. The detector along with a dye that is injected into the site will radiate fluorescent light when coming into contact with a cancer enzyme, allowing the surgeon to remove the remaining cancer cells. The technology must be capable of detecting a small number of cancer cells (1-100) left behind. The detector will have a disposable tip for each patient and reagents that will be the basis of the reimbursement and Lumicell revenue along with the initial sales of the instrument.

Kodiak Partner: Dave Furneaux