The Kodiak Funding Process

The Partners at Kodiak prefer to work with entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of creation of a new venture. We interact on a daily basis with researchers, academics, industry veterans and many other constituents of the Life and Information Technologies worlds to source our deals. We are equally likely to invest in a well formed company than in the gestation of a new enterprise. There are, however, certain criteria that apply to every deal we ever make:

  • Great people
    We believe great companies are exclusively built by great people. An exceptional management team is much more likely to drive a successful company than a mediocre management team with superior technology. We tend to seek experienced, successful leaders, but also work well with first-time founding CEOs or academic founders looking to build a team around an idea or technology.

  • World-changing problems
    We look for companies that provide meaningful solutions to persistent, sizable problems. The nature of the solution is important: we tend to like clever, proprietary solutions that generate a substantial advantage to our companies. However, the magnitude of the problem is what we focus on first. Whether in healthcare, information technologies, digital media, e-commerce or energy, we look for growing markets where a nimble startup can create a difference and benefit from it.

  • Market leading companies
    We invest in companies that have the potential to become the leading player in their field, or have already achieved that milestone. We believe market leadership is essential to achieve sustainable, long term growth and profits.

At Kodiak, we believe that Venture Investors should be an extension of the management team. We take an extremely hands-on approach to company formation and therefore can only work with entrepreneurs who are seeking partners to build leading enterprises.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking to finance an enterprise that meets the criteria outlined above, we would be pleased to hear from you. Feel free to contact us via e-mail (, or better yet, have one of our current or former entrepreneurs or partners make an introduction.