Airwide Solutions Unveils Network and Personal Security Solution

Multi-layered security offering provides comprehensive user, network and service protection
from rapidly changing threat vectors


BURLINGTON, Mass., December 13, 2010 - Airwide® Solutions, a provider of next generation mobile messaging infrastructure, applications and solutions, today announced the company has achieved a major milestone in mobile security with the launch of Airwide's Network and Personal Security (NPS) solution. The solution provides multiple layers of protection, shielding subscribers, operator infrastructure and service revenues from potential threats and unwanted content. This advanced security solution goes beyond traditional antispam technology to address the burgeoning array of security threats affecting mobile operators and their subscribers.

As the popularity of mobile data services has skyrocketed, so has the operators' need to provide a secure environment that not only protects the safety and user experience of subscribers, but also enables operators to safeguard their brand and revenues, and control escalating customer support costs. Unlike other solutions in the market today, Airwide's NPS solution offers multi-layered security in the network that provides a comprehensive, yet modular, means to address the myriad of security issues facing mobile operators and subscribers. NPS protects subscribers and operators from a variety of threats, ranging from off-net traffic sources to advertising spam or bullying messages and revenue leakage from VAS providers. It is tailored and tuned to the specific challenges of mobile networks across all channels and threat vectors.

"With the explosion of mobile applications and smartphones, and with personal, financial and commercial data increasingly being stored on mobile devices, networks are being challenged to ensure their precious bandwidth is used by legitimate content and services. The enthusiasm for new devices and applications is masking the threats that are brewing below the surface," said Jay Seaton, CMO of Airwide Solutions. "Traditional PC-based security systems are not designed for the unique issues that mobile use presents. While much of the mobile security focus has been on spam, and we still do see significant growth in this area, spam is often viewed as simply an annoyance. What can be far more damaging and pervasive are the ever-changing range of other mobile security threats including fraud, spoof, malware and a wide spectrum of malicious or unwanted content including bullying and sexting."

Since mobile data is already in widespread use, and is being used for increasingly critical applications such as mobile banking and mobile payments, the demand for more robust mobile security has accelerated. Comprehensive security protection at both the network and personal level is viewed as critical for the adoption and user acceptance of these emerging services. According to a recent report by Ovum, over three-quarters of workplace smartphone users believe they expose their business to attack. 60 percent of users are afraid of personal devices being used as a conduit for malware getting onto the network and 40 percent are concerned about a compliance failure. However, despite this, the survey found that protection is randomly implemented across organizations with 62 percent of users relying on simple username and password sign-on (1).

Operators are responding aggressively to ensure the security of users' data and experiences. By deploying solutions such as Airwide's Network and Personal Security solution they are building on a secure environment to provide subscribers with simple and effective control and personalization of their mobile services. By enabling operators to provide individualized control of security settings as well as protection at the network level, Airwide is offering an unprecedented breadth of protection from potentially harmful or abusive and unwanted content.



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Airwide Solutions is the leading provider of next generation mobile messaging and security infrastructure, applications and solutions. Its products have helped more than 150 wireless operators worldwide drive mobile messaging usage and revenues and enable them to leverage multiple delivery channels and next generation infrastructure in new and more powerful ways. With a history of industry firsts - including the first text message ever sent, the introduction of the first SMS router, the first A2P MMS push gateway and mobile service control which enables mobile context, personalization and profiling - the company continues to pioneer new technologies that provide the foundation for mobile solutions that enable mobile operators to meet their business objectives. Airwide's open, tiered Fusion architecture offers mobile operators advanced revenue options, a practical pathway to Mobile Messaging 2.0 and future messaging environments.

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(1) Research based on Ovum's 2011 Trends to watch study, 23rd November 2010