New Vette Corp Division Focuses on Data Center Sustainability with its Patented LiquiCool Solutions

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Feb. 16, 2010 - CoolcentricTM, a new division of Vette Corp.®, announces that its award-winning LiquiCool® systems have been proven to significantly reduce energy consumption by cooling units by up to 90 percent and to lower total data center cooling costs by as much as 60 percent. Coolcentric also announces that Vette Corp. has acquired U.S. patents for cooling IT rack technology.

Coolcentric, formerly named Datacom Facilities Division, focuses on delivering the world's most energy- and space-efficient cooling solutions for reducing data center costs. The creation of Coolcentric is a testament to the growing demand for sustainable data centers, challenged by soaring energy consumption and operating costs.

"A majority of the world's data centers are highly inefficient and utilize legacy air cooling methods that consume vast amounts of energy," said George Dannecker, President and CEO, Vette Corp. "The benefits of data center liquid cooling are clear, evidenced by dramatic reductions in power consumption, space requirements and operating costs. Coolcentric aligns all our knowledge, experience and resources to best serve the needs of owners and operators of sustainable data centers."

Today up to 55 percent of the power consumed in a data center is associated with its cooling infrastructure. To address this problem, Coolcentric offers its patented LiquiCool technology in a variety of turnkey data center cooling solutions. The LiquiCool system includes Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx) that mount to the back of IT racks and cool computer equipment exhaust air before it reenters the data center operating environment. LiquiCool reduces or eliminates unnecessary fan power which reduces cooling unit energy consumption by up to 90 percent. Data center cooling costs are reduced up to 60 percent by lowering capital expense, energy consumption and space requirements. Coolcentric products are currently being used in hundreds of data centers, hosting facilities and enterprises, including DataSite Orlando, IBM, NASA and Syracuse University.

"As conventional architectures for air cooling are overrun by the power densities in data centers, industry participants gradually look at liquid cooling as an effective alternative," states Jorge Moreno, Research Analyst, Frost and Sullivan. "Given the environmental and economic benefits that hundreds of clients have achieved with the LiquiCool solution, Coolcentric has developed a compelling value proposition for the growing problem of data center energy consumption and costs with its efficient water-cooled technology."

"Data center rack densities, and resulting power and cooling densities, have grown drastically, to the point where the energy envelope, not the available floor space, has become the limiting factor in data centers," said Jed Scaramella, Senior Research Analyst for IDC's Enterprise Platforms and Datacenter Trends. "Customers are looking for highly flexible and low-risk solutions, like Coolcentric that address energy inefficiency without any disruption in day-to-day data center operations."

LiquiCool is flexible, scalable and cost-efficient to meet the needs of a variety of data center environments. LiquiCool solutions utilize low-impedance fin and tube heat exchangers that have no fans, moving parts or electrical connections. LiquiCool RDHx is an open cooling architecture that can be deployed without any operational impact to IT racks or equipment and can be deployed in both raised- and nonraised-floor data centers.

DataSite Orlando, a world-class data center hosting facility, engaged Coolcentric to address the cooling needs of a client that has a vast array of blade servers and IBM systems that consume up to 500 watts of power per square foot. By installing seven Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchangers, DataSite Orlando's client reduced its data center footprint by 80 percent, from 3,000 to 600 square feet.

"Coolcentric's efficient data center liquid cooling solutions provide a tremendous cost savings to our clients, protecting their critical IT infrastructure while reducing cooling energy consumption and carbon footprint - a win for everyone," said Rob Wilson, Director of Sales and Marketing, DataSite Orlando.

Coolcentric's LiquiCool RDHx solutions are available for deployment on enclosures by leading brands including AFCO Systems, APC, Chatsworth Products, Damac, Data Center Resources, Dell, Electrorack, Great Lakes, HP, IBM, IMS Engineered Products (AMCO), NER, Rittal, SMC and Wright Line. In addition to manufacturing a broad range of Rear Door Heat Exchangers, Coolcentric provides turnkey data center cooling solutions, integration, installation and support services.


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CoolcentricTM delivers the world's most energy- and space-efficient cooling solutions for reducing data center costs. Coolcentric's LiquiCool® products for rack-level cooling - combined with services for integration, deployment and sustainability of data center thermal solutions - allow customers to optimize their data centers for maximum performance and return on investment. Coolcentric's patented products enable data center owners and operators to eliminate hot spots, dramatically reduce energy consumption, improve space and power utilization, and reduce capital and operating expense. For additional information, contact Coolcentric at (508) 203-4690 or visit

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