Vette Corp to Deliver Cooling Infrastructure for New Green Data Center

LiquiCoolTM solution dramatically reduces energy consumption

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Vette Corp, a leading global provider of data center thermal management solutions, has been selected by Syracuse University and IBM (NYSE: IBM) to deliver cooling infrastructure in one of the world's most energyefficient data centers. The new data center project represents a partnership among Vette, Syracuse University, IBM, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The data center is expected to use 50 percent less energy than a typical data center, making it one of the "greenest" computer centers in operation.

The $12.4 million, 6,000-square-foot data center will use smarter technologies focusing on the actual infrastructure of the data center itself, not just the computer hardware and software. A key element will be an on-site electrical co-generation system that will use natural gas-fueled microturbine engines to generate all electricity for the data center and provide cooling for the computer servers. The data center will be able to operate completely off-grid.

IBM and Syracuse are creating a liquid cooling system that will use double-effect absorption chillers to convert the exhaust heat from the microturbines into chilled water that is used to cool the data center's servers, with sufficient excess cooling to handle the needs of an adjacent building. The IT equipment will be cooled using Vette Corp's water cooled LiquiCoolTM Rear Door Heat Exchangers rather than with traditional air cooling such as Computer Room Air Conditioners. Vette's LiquiCool Rear Door Heat Exchangers remove heat from each enclosure far more efficiently than conventional room cooling methods.

"A data center uses approximately 40 times more energy than an office building of equivalent size and the cooling infrastructure represents approximately half of the total energy use within the data center," said Joe Capes, general manager, Vette Corp Datacom Division. "By deploying Vette's LiquiCool Rear Door Heat Exchangers, Syracuse will consume dramatically less energy and realize significant efficiency gains and cost savings."

Vette's LiquiCool Rear Door Heat Exchanger is a water cooled door that mounts to the back of IT enclosures and cools computer equipment exhaust air before it re-enters the data center operating environment. The Rear Door Heat Exchanger utilizes a low impedance fin and tube heat exchanger that does not have fans, moving parts or electrical connections, resulting in a dramatic reduction of cooling energy consumption. Vette's data center liquid cooling solutions can be deployed without any operational impact to IT enclosures or equipment, and can save up to 84% in electrically active white space.

Vette's Rear Door Heat Exchanger is now available to be deployed on leading brands of enclosures by AFCO Systems, APC, Chatsworth Products, Damac, Data Center Resources, Dell, Electrorack, Great Lakes, HP, IBM, IMS Engineered Products (AMCO), NER, Rittal, SMC and Wright Line. In addition to manufacturing an increasingly broad range of Rear Door Heat Exchangers, Vette provides turnkey data center cooling solutions, integration, installation and support services. For more information about Vette Corp's LiquiCool solutions, please contact Vette at 1 508.203.4690 or visit

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Vette Corp is a global thermal management solutions provider specializing in solving thermal challenges for sustainable data center and communications services facilities, as well as for OEM's of computer, communications and industrial electronic equipment.

Vette Corp is privately held and headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. For additional information about Vette Corp, please visit or contact Vette at 1 508.203.4690.

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