AppNexus Named OnMedia 100 Company of the Year

AppNexus is transforming the complex, fragmented online advertising system into a vibrant advertising exchange ecosystem, rich with successful campaigns and happy consumers.

AppNexus is an advertising exchange network that provides clients with a real-time platform to buy and sell online ads. Advertising technology has evolved during the last decade, and AppNexus has consistently provided its clients with a rich back-end suite of tools not only to place advertisements, but manage and pay for campaigns in a highly focused and efficient manner. The demands of today's ad viewers have shifted, and AppNexus has kept pace with how the industry has grown and expanded.

The AppNexus platform is an exchange-based, ad-serving suite of tools. Its open format lets clients create custom campaigns, while back-end technology helps address the challenges and opportunities inevitable in the complex paradigm of display ad buying and selling. The platform contains robust APIs, giving customers the ability to integrate with any data provider or vendor. Additionally, the current upswell in stable cloud infrastructure lets the AppNexus platform scale to huge degree, allowing for billions, and most likely trillions, of transactions processed per day.
Currently, with social media providing a new influx of valuable consumer data, companies like AppNexus, with deep penetration and a strong client base, stand to gain heavily. By staying ahead of the curve and developing effective tools for their users, advertising exchanges can take advantage of this new pool of consumer information. Since the early 1990s, when online advertising took on the specter of Big Brother, the ad tech industry has changed enormously, bringing messages to consumers that help them discover and purchase the products and services they most want and need.

Certainly with AppNexus's strong revenue stream and steady, impressive growth, the company seemed a perfect candidate for an equally strong exit. IPO rumors swirled, as well as possible interest from big-name portals looking for an advantage in the company's ability to successfully deliver exchange-based advertising at scale. All that came to a halt when AppNexus took a hefty series D round early this year. Venture capital heavyweights Tribeca Venture Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Venrock led the round, which AppNexus CEO Brian O'Kelley says will be used to concentrate on evolving the product itself.

AppNexus reports that 2012 was its most successful year to date-$700 million managed in advertising spend, revenues tripled, 13 billion ads served per day, and company staff growth to more than 400 employees in nine offices worldwide. The influx of cash lets company management concentrate on achieving its mission, as put by Mr. O'Kelly in a recent company blog: To transform the complex, fragmented online advertising system. He also hints at two major product announcements coming in the spring. With a total venture investment of around $140 million, strong revenue, and new money in the bank, Mr. O'Kelley and his team will be transforming the industry for years to come.

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